Words like “toxin-free”, “safe” and “clean” are often thrown around at us without any description as to what they actually mean. We at Halfcirclefull ease this for you by looking into brands and verifying the minutest detail to empower you with smarter choices. 

We go above and beyond to ensure that every product we enlist lives up to our values of being planet-friendly. We give you all the power to see through brands and carefully select what’s good for you!


What to think about, when reading our Values:


Knowing what our products are made with is important - There are brands who have cracked how to keep out ‘needless’ chemicals while some master the art of being strictly ‘wholesome’. 

Together with our brand partners, we are taking the effort of calling out all ingredients and highlighting if they are safe and toxin-free for you – because we believe, the more information you have about the right choices, the better.


Cruelty-free brands simply do not conduct any kind of tests on animals. Also, some Brands pay focal attention to larger Animal Welfare and innovate their non-animal production approaches.


A Vegan brand believes that it’s wrong to exploit animals for human gain - directly or indirectly. They focus on Conservation, rejecting any use of animal components. Moreover,  neither the finished product nor its ingredients would have been tested on animals. 


An Organic product does not use  any synthetic chemicals.  The raw materials are grown in organic soil, without the use of any artificial chemical, fertilizers or pesticides.

Socially Conscious:

 Brands that work towards empowering people, planet and animals with focused social initiatives are considered Socially Conscious. We  inspect their social policies across community and environment, questioning – Do they empower community, have a mindful working policy and give back to the society?