If you are here, you already care about our planet’s future. 

And, if you have just begun uncovering this whole idea of sustainable living, we definitely belong together!

With thousands of visionary brands today working hard to be planet-good, and an army of mindful people ready to embrace them, Halfcirclefull was born with a need to bring these change-makers together. 

At Halfcirclefull, we wish to promote a “human” approach to sustainability, encouraging people to make small swaps wherever possible. 

Just ‘Start’ where you are, do your best, and over time, conscious living will become our new normal. And who knows, we might end up leaving a better planet behind.


Who We Are?

We are a team of mindful folks who want to live and shop in a more conscious way but found limited options that appeal. We believe what’s good for you and for planet are intrinsically connected; one cannot exist without the other.

So we started Halfcirclefull, to make a meaningful, safe yet eco-friendly lifestyle discoverable under one roof – specially curated everyday products meeting our set of “Goodness” principles.


What we do differently

1. You have the power, we are the solution

We aim to redefine the future of consumerism by carefully offering brands you can trust.

Halfcirclefull’s proprietary framework “Goodness Index” helps you screen the brand’s impact about sourcing, production, performance and being responsible.  

Find the true impact of brands on People, Planet and Profit here


2. Clean, Conscious, Curated

We like to make it easy for you to find products aligned with the values that matter to you. Our Goodness Values have been carefully chosen from a whole bunch of product features that also resonate with what consumers look for.

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3. Kindness is the Key


We believe giving back to the society isn’t a choice, but a necessity. Our planet is invaluable for us as are you and every living being on this planet. Halfcirclefull seeks to be the world’s most planet & people friendly marketplace by providing for our community while we run our sustainable business.

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