Myths about Sustainability
Right from the things we want to eat to how we decide to commute to work, every decision we make has an impact on the environment. Thus being mindful about our choices is the need of the hour. Speaking of mindfulness, there’s so much chatter around sustainable living, mindful eating and eco-shopping, that we all seemed to have missed the whole point. The internet has made a concept out of sustainability when in reality, a sustainable lifestyle is supposed to make your life easy and you, a lot more healthier and happier.

To many of us sustainability seems like an unachievable concept because it looks like too much work. Also, most sustainable products are  scattered over different marketplaces, making it a task to fetch your weekly groceries or to find the best menstrual product out there. 

Well, the good news is, halfcirclefull is here to cater to all your needs when it comes to living wholly and sustainably, 

In order to be able to hop onto the sustainability bandwagon, you need to proceed with an open mind. So here’s us clearing some notions and busting some myths about sustainability.

I alone cannot make the world a better place. So why start?”

You needn't be the torchbearer of sustainability but know that with every sustainable choice you are bringing a change. By simply using reusable cloth bags for a lifetime you are removing close to 22000 plastic bags from the environment. You are also inspiring everyone around you to go sustainable, therefore, take the leap!

“It's too expensive. I am not earning for the planet”

There is a wide range of sustainable or at least partially sustainable products in the market and there’s something for everyone. The good news is, halfcirclefull will soon be your go-to place for all things sustainable. 

“I do dry and wet segregation of my trash. I am an eco-warrior”

Definitely yes if it were the 80s. In 2022, we all have to step up. We need to peek into our trash and also reduce it. The focus needs to be more on generating less waste and eliminating plastic or inorganic waste as much as possible. 

“Eco-friendly alternatives are not available in most cases”

Correction: Eco-friendly alternatives are available in almost all the cases, they may seem inaccessible. In fact, eco-friendly alternatives are healthy and long-lasting, thereby giving you the value for your money.

“If it says eco-friendly. It must be”

Steer clear of the many products and services that claim to be eco-friendly or sustainable but in reality are not adding up to make this world a greener place in the bigger picture. halfcirclefull offers you a sustainability score with each product so as to help you make an informed choice. 

Taking Baby Steps Toward Living Sustainably 

In case, you are thinking of planning on starting to live sustainably you can start with products at halfcirclefull. We believe living sustainably could be fun and rewarding at the same time. 

Next time when the thought of living and eating sustainably crosses your mind, act on it! Our planet needs us and we cannot delay in being more environmentally conscious. Thus, without any further ado take that baby step towards a better future.