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Dogsee Play | Long-Lasting Chew Toy | All-Natural

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All Dogsee products combine the very best of nature for your dogs. That’s why we source our Dogsee Chew products from the pure Himalayan peaks, while our Dogsee Crunch treats come from fresh farms and orchards.
None of our products are processed, but made using natural methods with the best that nature has to provide. Moreover, we stay away from all harmful ingredients such as additives, preservatives, and chemicals. Ingredients that may cause stomach problems, such as grain and gluten, are also a strict no-no for us. It began when, on a trek to Ilam, Nepal, Bhupi found stray dogs feeding on leftover Churpi. Churpi is an ancient Himalayan recipe, usually consumed by humans. Because of the Churpi that these Pahari dogs were getting from the houses, they looked extremely healthy, full of energy, and had shiny coats. This made Bhupi realise that Churpi was both nutritious and tasty, making them the perfect treats for dogs. He decided to make these cow and yak chews into gluten-free dog treats available to dogs across the globe, and thus Dogsee Chew was born.

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