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Bare Necessities Stir It Up Handwash Powder | Pack of 2

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We bring you Bare Necessities Handsoap Powder, Stir it up! Like its name, only get the 10% active ingredients and mix it with water at home. Pay for only the active ingredients and not the huge plastic containers!
Embracing the strength of Reetha with citrus-y fragrance, this comes together to make an extremely safe, effective and powerful hand wash!


Lower carbon footprint: we are not transporting heavy containers full of 90% water!
Completely compostable packaging: We even use Vegetable Ink (which makes even the writing on the packaging compostable!)
Plant-based and earth-friendly ingredients: Good for you, your children, and groundwater!
Refreshing fragrances: You will definitely not miss the traditional and conventional that come with loads of ingredients we can't pronounce
A repurposed and reusable glass dispenser: A glass dispenser made from waste glass, upcycled and repurposed into beautiful dispensers - buy 1 with your first order and use it forever
100% effective: A luxurious lather that effectively removes surface oil, dirt, bacteria without stripping or drying sensitive skin
PVA can be controversial: We chose not to move forward with this because PVA can breakdown into smaller plastics contaminating groundwater. PVA stands for Polyvinyl Alcohol ; a synthetic plastic polymer that is often used to make thin layers of plastic wrapping and lining, like the wrapping of dishwashers. PVA is a type of plastic, and while it is designed to dissolve, it doesn’t necessarily disappear. The study suggests that over 75% of PVA persists in our waterways and our soil after it dissolves in laundry and dish washing machines, flows through wastewater and ultimately back into our environment.
Finally, save money, space, water and compost!

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